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Dogs came into my life as the result of an early relationship with the countryside and nature, when as a child brought to my grandparents' house a bitch mixed with Brazilian Terrier and Portuguese Podengo, whom i called Triky.

This relationship marked me permanently, and the passion that i always nourish for the animals was increasing, which is why i began studying Animal Production Engineering. Thus, apart from other animals, dogs are a constant presence in my life.
The Great Danes are my breed of choice and Pedro’s - my husband - but also the children’s - Leonor and Martinho.

Since a long time, we follow with particular attention this noble breed: studying, reading articles and books, talking to breeders, seeing many dogs.

Our first Great Danes were Boris and Steffi, bought especially for our children. Two devoted companions who share our home, which dignify and ennoble the breed for the relationship and attitude they assume in the family.

To begin the breeding of these Canine Aristocrats, we acquired a dog, in our view, from one of the best national lines, from Mr. Pedro Rossi Seabra, a friend who in his monitoring has transmit us his knowledge.

This member of our family is called Nebet-Tawy of Rossius Canidae - our Bet!!!

Bet is the daughter of the famous Multi Ch. Boree Atos D'Iskandar and Chantal de Rossius Canidae.She is our "star", who in his short experience in Dog Shows great joy has given us.

We reserve her the status of the founder of the Kennel CASA DE CARDUZ, and certain of the quality of this dog, we believe that we have started this journey in the best way. 

Proof of this is the birth of the first Casa de Carduz, our AGASSI, who despite having left us prematurely, will be forever in our hearts, by the evident morphological quality, but above all, by his temperament and character without no doubt exceptional.
He wil be always present in our minds and hearts with a very special place, in this jorney.

We are looking, guided in the best intentions, to breed with awareness and honesty, implying that we know the background and all the essential steps in achieving our objectives: The enhancement of the GREAT DANE!

Teresa Cardoso & Pedro Cruz