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***EuDDC 2013***
Judges: Carla Molinari (PT) and Peter Van Montfoort (NL)
Mariana Canaverde
Owner: Jorge Bastos
Breeder: Casa de Carduz


***Babolat Young Promise 2012***

It is with great pride that we announce that Babolat da Casa de Carduz young male of 13 months, got one more title at his first year in dog exhibition, this time,
Young Promise 2012.


***Babolat Cup winner Young DACP 2012***

Babolat won the Cup winner Young DACP 2012,
Specialized after the DACP in Braga on 10.Nov.2012

***Babolat Natioal Junior Champion***

Babolat won the National Junior Champion (Jch. PT) with only 10 months old, after winning the fourth CCJ in 7th Exhibition in Estoril 25/08/2012

Our thanks to our Handler Mariana Canaverde.


Held in Braga on 14/11/2010 the 2nd International Dog Expo Braga, where it was inserted the 31st Special Great Dane Show, where our Nebet Tawy-proclaimed BEST IN SHOW of all varieties.
Our thanks once more to our Handler Mariana Canaverde for her excellent work, this being a double success and very accomplice.




Nebet-Tawy became CHAMPION OF PORTUGAL with 22 months, after winning the CAC-QC in contention at the 116th International Dog Show of Lisbon on 11.07.2010. 

Our thanks again to our competent Handler Mariana Canaverde.


** 31 th National CEDDA Monographic Exhibition 2010 - Spain **

Held in Spain - El Escorial / Madrid on 25/04/2010 the 31st National Monográfica CEDDA - Club Español del Dogo Aleman, a fiercely competitive contest with the best of dogs of all Europe, and was the 1st time that our Nebet-Tawy competed abroad.                          The result was a success because Nebet Tawy ran in the intermediate class and was 1st Excellent and RCAC.                                                                                       Thank you very much to "our" Handler Mariana Canaverde for the excellent presentation and dedication to Nebet-Tawy who is presenting since the age of 3 months.


****  11th Especialized DACP - 2010 ****

Nebet-Tawy competed at the 11th Specialized's DACP - German Great Dane Club of Portugal on 03.06.2010 and was 1st Excellent in Intermediate class and RCAC.


****  19th National Exhibition of Vila Franca Xira 2010 ****

 Nebet-Tawy competed in the intermediate class at the 19th National Dog Show of Vila Franca de Xira on 06/03/2010 and was 1st Excellent, winning the CAC in dispute, and was the Best of Breed - BOB.


** Nebet-Tawy RBIS Young Promise Females Santarém Expo 09 **

Nebet-Tawy in her last exhibition in the junior class, has won RBIS of Young Promise Cup.


****  YOUNG CHAMPION DACP 2009 ****

Nebet-Tawy became Young Champion of the Portuguese Club of Great Dane of 2009.


****  YOUNG PROMISE 2009 ****

Nebet-Tawy has 12 months with another title this year, 2009 - Best Junior in 2009 - after being the Best Of Breed at the 17th National Dog Show in the Alto Alentejo Sousel on 26/09/2009


**** LISBON WINNER 2009 ****

Nebet-Tawy won Lisbon Winner 2009 with 10 months after being BOB - Best of Breed - a contest with 28 dogs, having won the other classes, including the champions class, despite being the 2nd exhibition which competes in Junior Class.


****  YOUNG HOPE 2009 ****

Nebet-Tawy has won the Young Hope in 2009 after winning the Best in Show puppies at the 6th International Exhibition of Viana do Castelo on 26/04/2009.



Nebet Tawy made the cover of the catalog
 of the 58th International Costa do Estoril Dog Show
on 23 August 2009, a situation that rarely
happens with the Great Danes.


**** Our thanks to "our" young and competent handler - Mariana Canaverde ****

Our thanks to "our" young and competent handler - Mariana Canaverde - see site - for excellent work, full commitment and dedication, always presented Nebet-Tawy flawlessly since the 1st exhibition with 3 months of age until today.
A challenge won with an inviable list of successes.